Posted on June 28th, 2022


I love journaling to start my day. It allows me to constantly reflect on each of my days to look at ways to improve and aware of my actions. Today I spent the majority of the day by myself. Looking at everything that I have accomplished in my past and looking at the journey I have ahead of me.

To say the least, I am proud to see how far I have come. I have grown to become someone who is eager to learn, eager to teach, and eager to become a bit better each day.

I am excited for the journey I have ahead of me as I embark on graduate studies. I am also curious to see how I will change as I progress through the journey. From the people I will meet, the projects I will work on, and the distance I will be away from those I love, I can't imagine what I will be like a year from now.

I just hope he is someone who is curious more than ever, continously seeking uncomfort, and is more caring and loving to those around him. But who knows? Only time will tell.


I played soccer once again today. Today, I played with people I haven't seen in ages. The beautiful game brought us together and we picked up as if I had just saw them yesterday. Definetely going to miss this.

The Beautiful Game

Habit Tracking

Today, I journaled, worked out, read, tracked my caloric intake, and worked on at least one of my personal projects. Today was a good day.

What I am thankful for

I am thankful for journaling and reflection. I have learned a lot about myself and my passions through it.