Robotic Hand

Posted on June 21st, 2022

Todays day was pretty nice. I got to continue working on the matrix to get the sensing better for gambit. Along with that, I got to watch the aggies on their path towards a college world series championship.

I also started scheming the idea of creating robotic hand that responds to the sign language gesturing that I have been working on as well. I don't think that it would be too difficult to implement, but ya never know until you get started, right?


I added another row and column to the sensing matrix. It was pretty easy to do so with the template I have been using. I came into some problems as I got too close with the soldering iron to the ABS plastic, but that was expected. I hope that as I use the template more and more, it will become a lot better.

3 x 3 Matrix

Robotic Hand

As I continue working on the sign language trainer, I suspect that I will get better and better with hand gesture recognition. With that in mind, I recently ordered a small 5 stepper motor pack that I want to use to control some fingers that I model up.

Stepper Motor Pack

In thinking about this project, I have been brainstorming ideas in how I will get the fingers to expand and retract and just from that I know it is going to take a significant amount of trial and error. I am going to start with a single finger and then expand out to the others. I will save designing the thumb component for last, but I am sure it will be quite similar to the other fingers. Should be fun!


I have never really been fond of baseball. I had always felt that it was too slow and too long. However, the aggies have recently made it to the college world series and having it on in the background as I work on other things has been pretty nice. I am happy to see how well they are doing. They won their game today, and if their journey ends tomorrow, I am sure they will be back again next year making an even greater appearance.


Habit Tracking

Today, I journaled, worked out, read, tracked my caloric intake, and worked on at least one of my personal projects. Today was a good day.

What I am thankful for

I am thankful for A&M. You have brought me amazing friends and a school pride that can't be compared to any other.