Sunday Reset

Posted on June 5th, 2022

With these last two days being dedicated to family and friends, I thought I would take the day to clean up and prepare for the week ahead. From the looks of it, this week is looking like an extremely productive one. I plan to head back home for the weekend, so I have to make the most of Monday through Thursday.

The New Toy

Although I would have loved to take the 3D printer out of the box and have it up and running within minutes, that would not be the case. This printer was relatively inexpensive. With that in mind, there came some issues. The issues that I found on assembly were with the Z-axis motor.

The Dreaded Z-axis Motor

What was happening was that as I would move the motor for calibration purposes, the motor would emit a horrifying sound. After screwing and unscrewing just about everything it came in contact with to no avail, I thought I would take a look at the circuitry. What I found was that one of the pins was not fully connected to the power supply. Sure enough, as soon as it was plugged in, the motor moved really smoothly.

I successfully had my first print. There is still some refining to do with respect to the supports and infill settings, but I am sure I will get those down with time.


Yesterday, on my way back from Centerville, I stopped at a Buccees and was able to get some ice cream and these amazing pecans. Didn't think I was a bit pecan guy, but after these, I will surely be more open to having them. If you happen to stumble at your local buccees, make sure to grab these cinnamon pecans.

Pretty Pecans

Habit Tracking

Today, I did not do a lot of my normal habits but it was still a good day.

What I am thankful for

I am thankful to be along in this 60 day journey. It has allowed me to greater reflect on my days and future ahead.

Don't expect anyone to understand your journey. Do More. - J.D.